Our Process

CPF´s Quality Assurance team ensures that each pack house operates with strict International standards and that full traceability systems are in place.

Our members are aware of their responsibility towards the environment and also in applying fair, ethical and non-discriminatory working practices.

CPF oversees all aspects of production and logistics to ensure that fresh product reaches customers in optimum condition. Globalgap is everyday priority in the production process.

CPF Advantage

As a group CPF is able to offer a portfolio of varieties, greater volumes and extended season of the highest quality to its customers.

As a grower association you will be dealing directly with people in control of the products and export processes. CPF responds quickly to the needs of its customers.

As a trading partner, CPF meets the needs of its customers and the requirements of its export markets.

Our Process

Our members are aware of our responsibility to the environment and also in applying fair, ethical and a non-discriminatory work practices. Therefore CPF counts with international certifications in order to accomplish our commitment to our clients and the society:

Control and security management to prevent our activities from being involved in illegal acts such as smuggling, drug trafficking and terrorism.

Required by Tesco supermarkets in the United Kingdom and referred to standards of safety, quality and environment.

Agricultural program number one in the world for the fulfillment of the good agricultural practices.

For the exchange of ethical information of suppliers.

British Retail Consortium, required in our packing plants, for compliance with legal obligations and consumer protection.

Certification of Social Responsibility (Ethical Traiding Initiative) groups companies, unions and NGOs in order to promote respect for workers through ethical business strategies, improving working conditions.


Our Brands