Social Res.

Our Commitment

At CPF we firmly believe that to achieve our goals, it is essential to guarantee a commitment to our human capital and the environment.

For 15 years this has allowed our farming partners to produce the highest quality fruit in Peru.



We are committed to good agricultural practices and the optimal use of natural resources.

One of the pillars of our environmental policy is the reduction of waste generated in our farms and their surroundings, as well as the use of agricultural products that are friendly to the environment. In addition, we prioritize the correct and necessary use of water for the production of our fruit.

Social Commitment

Through our production partners we have been able to generate numerous jobs along the valleys where our farms are located in the central Peruvian coast.

We are aware that the continuous development of our human capital will allow us to continue being leaders in the agro-export industry of Peru.

We hope to continue developing these policies, while continuing to bring high quality products to your table.


Our Brands